This weeks live shop unfortunately could not come to you live as The Stables Market is only open on Saturday and Sunday. However, equipped with my Sony Vaio I headed down to the market to view some of it's stalls and speak with some of the community of traders. It is situated in Camden Town, underneath the railway bridge (pictured above) near the canal. The market takes place on the site of an old horse hospital (hence the name). There have been markets in Camden since the early seventies and they attract over 100,000 visitors each weekend, so many in fact that the tube station has limited weekend access.

It's a great place to spend a weekend, and offers many great individual items which you wouldn't get anywhere else. There are plenty of vintage stalls where you can find a bargain or two. We picked some of the most exciting stalls but there were far too many things going on for us to show you everything!
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