This womenswear stall is to the side of the former Horse Hospital just before the top of the hill. It has a beautiful collection of Indian inspired clothing which the owner, Sasha, designs and sources herself.

The shoes which are on offer are truly unique. The leather flats (above left) are made from camel leather where the camel has died naturally. They are traditional styled shoes with embroidery detail. They are made especially for Sasha. Serendipity is the only place in Camden market where you can buy genuine Australian Ugg boots which are made in Australia. It is also the cheapest place to buy them and they are available in short (£100) or standard length (£120).
These funky hand painted t-shirts glow in UV light and are exclusive to Serendipity. Sasha explained that they were (unsurprisingly) very popular at this years Glastonbury festival. They are available in a range of colours. There are lots of pretty, floaty dresses made out of old sari silk. They are very elegant and all of them feature delicate prints.
Unfortunately, like many of the market sellers, Serendipity has been forced to change location to a smaller site. The old shop (which we saw) stood on top of the arches and was very spacious, at least 3 times the size of the current stall. The re size means that much of the stock is not currently on show as there simply isn't the room to store or display it.