With Orlando Bloom we gave you Friday night eye candy. With Heath Ledger we're giving you this week's Frock Horror. Okay, so we tweaked the rules a little this time to include a male fashion disaster, but can you blame us? I mean... what the hell Heath?


I'm so thrown by the stripy socks, red pinstriped culottes and battered jazz shoes, that it's leaving me dizzy. For those of you unfortunate (or is that fortunate) enough not to see it, he is also wearing a rucksack. Yep, that's a rucksack... and to a red carpet event nonetheless. I'm sure he is trying to channel one of the children from the Sound Of Music. I realise he's going through a traumatic break-up with his ex Michelle Williams but isn't the idea to try and show up your former half not have them running for the hills?

Post your comment below and let us know what you think of this week's Frock Horror... the male version.

[Image: Getty]