sequinshorts_large.jpgThis year I experienced my first London Fashion Week. Rushed, knackered and barely catching my breath, I spent most my time lamenting why I'd even bothered to get up in the morning (although secretly I loved every minute). What I really enjoyed was the fashion daring of London's trend setters.

Girls who turned men's shirts into edgy dresses. Men who suddenly made my wardrobe look laughable. I was, all at once, shocked and intrigued by people's take on fashion and how they get away with wearing what they do.

Then it came to me... confidence! Enough confidence in what you wear can just about get you through any wardrobe choice and it made me wonder - can any item of clothing be made to look stylish, regardless of how ridiculous it may look, if you've got enough chutzpah to pull it off?

Take these High Waist Sequin Shorts, $74 from Patricia Field. For weeks I've been checking them out, loving the sequins but wondering who the hell could wear them without looking supremely tacky. However, after London Fashion Week, they suddenly took on a whole new light.

If I paired them up with some opaque tights, a pair of patent flats, a rock tee and a winning smile, it would all be very Mischa Barton, no? What do you think? Can you see these being a staple in the right person’s wardrobe or are some clothes doomed to look bad, no matter who the wearer is?