Can you guess what we’ve brought by looking at our what’s in our shopping bags?

See below for the full pictures! We'd love to hear about your latest buys too.


Kim's purchase: Vest from New Look
Gemma says (on behalf of Kim): “I wanted this £12 New Look waistcoat, but it just looked rubbish on me, but great on Kim".

Helen’s purchase: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Stripe Shirting Top
She says: “I seem to be quite consistent with this whole shopping thing of late! I had been eyeing off this Marc by Marc Jacobs top for a while, so when Shopbop marked it down to $114 I just couldn't resist. 4 days later it showed up from the US! It's so cute and the girls in the office love it too. They better not buy it though... we all show up in similar colours or patterns every few days. It's rather trippy, but hilarious none the less.”

Update on Tracy’s purchase: RareMinerals™ Skin Revival Treatment
She says: “I've been using the Rare Minerals nightime powder for about 10 days now, and I love it! Pores definitely feel smaller and I love going to bed looking even and smooth. Shh, sometimes I even wear it as a light foundation during the day.”

What did you buy this week?