Brit's new promo photo for the VMAs made me want to take a peek at Guess' latest clothing inventory. Lookie what I found - this Savana Jacket, US$89, is supposedly "safari-inspired" but looks a bit more naughty-secretary to me. As much as I think the jacket is cute and could be appropriate for quite a lot of settings (even work), the detail that really drew my attention is the bust. That eyeful of lacey lingerie is typical of Guess by Marciano inventory photos - quite appealing, flirty, sexy.

But appropriate anywhere? Short of celebrity fashion choices, where is it ever okay to see so much underwear on the outside? I wouldn't wear this to work, school, or even out to lunch - can you imagine what kind of stares you might get at a restaurant? At a mall? So my question to you, dear readers, is: besides the bedroom, where would you ever brave this look?