75289246.jpg"What now?" I can hear you saying. It seems that despite recent efforts to help black models receive equal recognition as well as setting up a fund for the victims of this summer's British floods, some people are still not happy with Naomi Campbell. This is because her plans to build a luxury hotel and casino on the Kenyan coast of Malindi could destroy one of the world's most precious marine life sites.

The supermodel has angered wildlife campaigners with her designs to create a £100 million "Billionaires Resort" which happens to land in the heart of a turtle sanctuary. According to environmentalists, lights from the hotel's development could disorientate the local turtles making it difficult for them to find their way from their breeding grounds to the sea.

“This would have a very negative effect on turtle nesting and destroy years of careful project work,” said Athman Seif, director of the Malindi Marine Association. However, Campbell maintains her plans with former boyfriend, Flavio Briatore, for the casino venture: "We would like to construct a six-star hotel targeting the top men in the world," she said.

So much for conservation then!

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