Luella Bartley showed her first collection in London in 6 and a half years just last week at LFW. To coincide with fashion week, Luella also opened her first London store Mayfair much to the delight of hundreds of London fashionistas. It was also to the delight of thieves, who smashed the shop window with a sledgehammer and grabbed up to 10 handbags worth a total of £10,000 as well random shelf stock. Police are linking this robbery with recent robberies on the Bond Street Ralph Lauren, and the Brora cashmere store in Marylebone just 10 minutes before hitting the Luella store.

The Daily Mail reported that the thieves were “young, short, wearing dark clothes and helmets”, travelling on mopeds. Detective Chief Inspector Martin Johnson of Westminster police said: "As far as I am concerned there is a link with the offences due to the method and the vague description of the suspects we have. They are stealing high value goods that can move fairly easily on the market."

Tsk tsk. I wonder if the bags and clothes are on eBay…

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