No need to check through your Sex and The City archives, this is not an episode that you've never seen before. Behold before you the very first images of the official SATC movie and if you have particularly good hearing, you should be able to hear me squealing with delight somewhere in the depths of North London. Like any SATC fan worth her shoe collection I have my doubts - will the film be half as good? Will we still care about the lives of the four New York women? One glimpse of Carrie smooching Mr. Big is enough to put those doubts firmly to rest. That and Carrie's fabulous outfit.

I'm loving the green, the clashing floral patterns, the edgy addition of the studded belt and gladiator heels and that Eiffel Tower bag... so Carrie!

Can I wait for this film to hit the big screens? Probably not but given that it's rumoured to be released May 2008, the wait won't be that long. Hurrah!

[Source: Just Jared]