Kate Moss' newest endeavor has just been announced - haircare. (WWD.) The campaign for her collaboration with her hair stylist, James Brown, called James Brown London, available in October, features this black and white ad. The low down: the haircair line is kept deliberately simple, affordable, but has yet to entice me to buy it.

My thoughts? The photo doesn't really call to me "come, buy hair care products!" - but then again, Kate Moss has never been a particularly significant hairstyle inspiration to me. Don't her tresses always look slightly lackluster, in that heroine chic style which she pioneered?

Seems like that look took a lot of work, however, since James Brown "had spent years blending different brands' products to achieve the textures he wanted while working on photo shoots and runway shows." The huge range will "include murumuru butter, nettle, watercress, white tea and wheat germ. Its fragrance, which was developed by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., was inspired by the Irish countryside, where Brown has a home. The scent features notes of rose, fern, amber and cedarwood, as well as bluebell, Moss' favorite smell." But don't worry - true to late Topshop-ian edicts, the line will be affordable and widely available.