It's time for more from the Venice Film Festival, where the stars are out to promote their latest flicks. Brad Pitt was the big name making an appearance at the premiere of 'The Assassination of Jesse James' so here's the obligatory Brangelina pic for you. Angelina went for lace, pearls and...tattoos. Meanwhile in Deauville, where there's also a film festival going on, Monica Bellucci was promoting her new movie, Shoot 'Em Up. I always wondered who Cheryl Cole was basing her look I know. Finally, there was Charlize Theron working two very different looks as she did the rounds for 'In The Valley of Elah' in Venice...


From a minx in a mini to a mermaid in Versace, Charlize proved yet again that she's no shrinking violet when it comes to style. We really can't decide whether we love or hate the wrapping-paper style frills of the gown she took to the red carpet in, but if anyone can pull of that much fuss, it's Ms Theron!