Jennifer.jpgWeeks before the first pics of the new Sex and the City movie started circulating, rumour had it that Jennifer Hudson was set for a role in the much anticipated film. Well rumour has become fact as the first pictures of Hudson on the set have come to the surface and I think it's safe to say that her outfit is not quite on the same style level as the other New York ladies.

Playing the role of Carrie Bradshaw's new assistant Louise, the character, who is described as having moved from St. Louis to NYC to find love, looks set to be the token 'Ugly Betty' of the film in bright colours and clashing patterns. That being said, this could also be a description of one of Carrie's outfits and I must admit I'm loving Hudson’s hair in this picture.

All these SATC snippets are nothing short of exciting and as the countdown to the film's release in May 2008 is marked down daily on my calendar I have to ask myself - are re-runs of the series in my DVD box set really enough to keep me going until then?

[Source: TV Squad]