Neal Street is a shoe lover’s mecca, lined with big names like Office and Shellys as well as newer, funkier labels like Vagabond, Offspring, The Vegetarian Shoe Store and Terra Plana, where we stopped by for a bit of a tour....


The little boutique not only stocks the main Terra Plana brand, but also the highly publicised United Nude range of shoes based on design classics (such as the Eamz chair and the Mobius strip). We loved the new Sharpei boots inspired by the namesake dog with its ‘baggy’ skin.


Slightly more controversial is the ‘porn’ shoe, apparently inspired by penetration, with a footbed sitting inside the heel. The folks at Terra Plana explained that people often come into the shop not expecting to find anything from United Nude, but once they’ve looked at them for a while, they begin to understand how unique the shoes are.


Moving on to Terra Plana proper, this is an ethical brand that produces stylish yet sustainable footwear with a conscience. From funky boots with strips of recycled material worked into them (a store bestseller) to new Autumn styles like buckled ankle boots that look comfier and chicer than offering in a lot of high street stores, this is a great place to go if you’ve been searching for shoes with a soul! There are also trainers with recycled rubber soles, clutch bags made from old recycled fabrics, and loads of shoes for your man.