Following a stream of Japanese tourists (Bicester is full of them!) I suggested a trip to ‘Burbs’ for a laugh. Little did we know we’d end up falling head over heels for an absolutely fabulous silver coat covered in huge stones. Instantly recognisable from the catwalk, it was beautiful but at well over £500 even with the discount – and with stones falling off – it was one to admire from afar.

burbs1.jpgFor a joke I tried a Burberry check duffle coat with a big hood. Iso told me I looked like Rupert Bear and I was surprised at how itchy it was! Definitely not my style! Iso had more luck with the beautiful grey military jacket. The buttons were a pain to do up but it looked beautiful on and the fabric was fantastic; soft, warm and cosy. We had a hard time putting that one back on the rail, I’ll tell you!

For those wanting to get a touch of the Burberry magic, there were small bags for £49 and check pochettes for just under £100. I’d rather go to Mulberry, where we couldn’t take pictures, but spotted plenty of beautiful leather bags with about £200 off.