It's that time of the week again! As if the London liveshop, New York Fashion Week coverage and the new 'what we bought' feature weren't enough, we thought we'd bring you one more bit of Friday fun with our weekly Hot or Not. We actually have meetings to decide this stuff, you know...

Hot This Week:

The Sortorialist: Making us feel better when we laugh at people in awful outfits...at least we don't take their pics! It's mullets, bodysuits and camel hooves aplenty at this blog, which pokes gentle fun at street style blog The Sartorialist.

Beautiful celebrity babies: Scientology / Stepford Wife / Chris Klein jokes aside, you can't ignore the fact that Suri Cruise is one of the cutest children to walk the earth. And then there's Kingston Rossdale, Gwen Stefani's cutey, who made his catwalk debut as his mom took her bow at the L.A.M.B show this week. Awwwww, I never thought I'd see so many broody fashionistas!

Dr Joel: After seeing him at Laurafest, we can honestly say that you will never have seen anything quite like Dr Joel. He makes amazing music with just the aid of a keyboard. You'll be singing along to 'Ravenous like a Tiger' in no time. Grrrrrrrr!

Hawaiian Tropic Luxury Body Butter: Apparently I'm not the only editor who keeps a tub of this on my desk. Sheep, moi? It's like a big tub of coconut-laced custard that you slap on your bod for super-soft skin. Oh, and it comes in a wicked retro pink tub. Love it!

Not This Week:

Transport strikes: No tubes in London, and no cabs in New York. How the hell is a girl supposed to get to Fashion Week? Please let's not have another London strike next week. What do you expect us to do, walk?!!

Sh*t shop girls: Making it a hundred times worse for the many, many girls who do a brilliant job working in shops, we weren't happy to hear that some H&M girls are bitchy enough to call their customers fat behind their backs. You should be ashamed of yourselves, ladies!

Irina Lazareanu: Ladyshambles is looking even more emaciated than usual at the moment...and when she was photographed with Mischa Barton the other day she looked rough as. Here's hoping it was just a bad picture, and she's not headed the same way as her mate Pete Doherty...

James Blunt: Why did he win the Solo Artist of the Year award at the GQ Man Of The Year Awards when he hasn't released a single in 2007? And why does he keep talking about Ibiza all the time? It doesn't make him seem any cooler...