courtney_love_vogueitalia.jpg reports that Courtney Love has confessed that she is planning a fashion line. “I've been studying a lot of fashion lately," she said "I've been researching fabrics 'cause I've been trying to make clothes and shit, lately... 'Cause I'm gonna do a line. And I know a lot of people are doing lines but my first job, other than stripping, was on Mommie Dearest, as an assistant in wardrobe." This news come as Courtney announced that she loves British Vogue. "It's the only Vogue I read. Why? Because it’s more on-trend - though I hate that fucking phrase. It's just…I believe it more. I mean no offence to Anna Wintour or US Vogue, it’s just UK Vogue is more, 'Oh, yeah, that's me! Oh, I want that! Oh, I want that! Oh, I want that!'"

I guess she can’t read Italian, because that’s the only Vogue cover she’s ever appeared on (the March 1997 issue - pictured left).