On Sunday afternoon Laura and I headed to Bruton Street in Mayfair for the opening of Diane Von Furstenberg's third London store. We had a couple of minutes with the lady herself, and shot a quick (and very noisy) video in which I say the word 'fantastic' about seventeen times and make jokes about Monopoly (*cringe*). If you've checked out our new video player you may have seen the video already in slightly better quality. If not, it's still up, as is the YouTube version. Below the cut there's a transcript of the interview if you're having difficulty with the sound.

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Catwalk Queen meets Diane Von Furstenberg

Catwalk Queen: So, are you enjoying the party?

Diane Von Furstenberg
: I am enjoying the party. I'm so happy I'm here in Mayfair.

CQ: What made you choose this part of London for your third store?

DVF: When I went to Boarding School I would come to London and I just thought Mayfair was so elegant and extraordinary...so it's like a dream come true.

CQ: We were joking earlier that it's the most expensive place on the Monopoly board!

DVF: No? It's not?! Mayfair? No...

CQ: Yep, Mayfair and Park Lane!

DVF: That's right! That'll be for my next interview!

CQ: You're here as well for London Fashion Week. Are you going to any shows?

DVF: Well, you know my creative director Nathan Jenden is showing on Wednesday so I'm going to that. And I may go to another show also, maybe Jonathan Saunders.

CQ: Oh yes, he's fantastic. Obviously Nathan Jenden is now taking over the collection a little bit, but do you still have a lot of input into the collection?

DVF: Oh yes, yes, but he's my creative director for sure!

CQ: Fantastic, and while we're here we just wanted to ask you one more thing, which is what's the key item that you think people should be buying for the new season?

DVF: This season now?

CQ: Yep, Autumn / Winter.

DVF: [points to her fabulous dress] Well I love this colour pink...so anything pink!

CQ: Great, so now we know! Thank you so much!