You guys ready for Britney's big come back? Her release of Gimmie More has all the radio stations in the US scrambling to play this hot new track - very catchy, breathy, clubby jingle... not particularly exciting if you listen to the lyrics. Quickly after the release, speculation abounded about her possible opening performance for the VMAs, and I must say, I'm surprised to hear that that portion of the VMA schedule has been confirmed. Churning out a typical sing-song-chant Britney single is one thing... but dancing on stage like she used to is another. Check out this promo photo, hot off the press - does she look like she's in performance condition? The whimsical "bad girl" fairy adds a touch of the old Britney with that fedora. Looks almost like a Guess advert, especially with that zebra stripe background and the huge amount of glare - just enough to hide any flaws on Brit.

[Source: Im Not Obsessed]