chriskanerobbed.jpgDreadful news today as it was revealed to British Vogue this morning that Christopher Kane's East End studio was broken into over the weekend and 23 pieces of his collection were stolen along with a laptop.

Kane is due to appear at London Fashion Week in one week's time but hopes to get the collection back together in time for the show.

"Naturally I am devastated that this has happened," Kane told Vogue. "We are all shaken by the break in and the fact that someone has invaded my private work space and taken precious show pieces so close to fashion week, although I do realise it could have been a lot worse."

The Scottish designer and his sister stopped by the studio on Saturday to find that thieves had broken in, somehow by knowing combination and security codes to two doors.

As our fellow blogger over at Style Bubble observes, with the level of attention that a Christopher Kane show attracts plus the fact that his designs would be spotted in a second out in public, this was a truly pointless robbery. Nevertheless, we sincerely hope to still see Kane on the catwalk next Monday!