katemossround2.jpgAre you suffering from a lack of new Kate Moss for Topshop stock? Then fear not... the second offering is due to hit stores next week and according to Observer magazine "it will prove very hot indeed".

Actually, it's said to be better than the launch collection which caused chaos in London's Oxford Street back in May this year. According to those in the know, the difference between this latest range is that rather than it being simply a copy of what's in Kate's wardrobe it actually has distinctive feels of biker and punk influences. "It's definitely more trend-driven this season," Sarah Buys, Harper's Bazaar fashion features editor, told the Observer.

So... what can we expect this second time around? Well, if you haven't already gathered from the promo pic (above, left) there is an obvious rocker/music influence with this collection. Indeed, Kate could almost be accused of stealing her ex-boyfriend's (Pete Doherty) signature black trilby for her newest range.

We hear there will be quite a few "attention-grabbing" pieces including a black chiffon dress with plunging neckline, cropped biker jacket, wet-look maxi dress, flapper-style dress (similar to the one that Moss wore to her 30th birthday), tweed three-piece suit complete with wide leg trousers and of course, a waistcoat.

Prices appear to shadow what was on offer last time, i.e. around £50 for a plain style dress, more for detailed styles. The striped crew-neck jumper (as pictured on Moss above, left) retails for £45.

With this second instalment and a debut fragrance due to launch next year, it seems that despite any recent personal issues which may have affected production, the Moss-mite isn't slowing down any time soon.

The second collection of Kate Moss for Topshop is available in store and online from 7th September 2007.

[Source: Observer magazine]