I have been dying to share this tail-coat by Rag & Bone with you all, but I've had to wait until we're closer to fall! I imagine all the warm-weather girls have been trying to enjoy the last rays of warm sunlight while folks everywhere else have been praying for a hint of summer before it's over. But doesn't the prospect of fall fashion have you guys just ecstatically excited to whip out the credit card? (Here's how I stay excited: I just remind myself that I won't see the credit card bill for at least a few more weeks - enough time to eBay all the stuff that I never use). This coat has a fabulous riding-gear/gentlemen inspired design and has me chomping at the bit to click the "buy now" button.

Now, I don't know how flattering that open waist will be on me, or how costumey the dainty pleated tailcoat will appear, nor how scratchy a wool mandarin-collar might turn out, but I'm dying to give it all a try.

Pick it up now for US$545, from Shop Bop.