Ever wake up in cold sweats on a Friday morning panicking about what you could possibly wear to that uber-cool party you're supposed to be attending in just over 12 hours? I'm such a loser that I sometimes lie awake at night desperately trying to put an outfit together in my head from items I have a vague recollection of seeing in various stores.

Well, online boutique My-wardrobe.com may just have come up with a solution to these problems by creating 'Fashion Fix Friday'. If you live in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, or Liverpool and you order an item before 11am they will deliver it to you before 6pm! This would even allow you to get changed in your office toilets and go straight out! The service costs £11.50 and has only just launched so why not try it out tomorrow? Read on for my picks...

Here are my picks for what to buy from My-wardrobe.com:

Champagne dress, Alberta Ferretti: £409 | Black coat dress, Betty Jackson: £350 | Patent clutch, Cacharel: £123 | Brown leather jacket, Twenty8Twelve: £350