Name: Isabelle O’Carroll
Location: Brighton
Shiny Job: Editor of Brandish, writer for Catwalk Queen and Dollymix.
Background: I left London to do an art degree in Brighton which explains my mad Photoshop skillz. Decided after graduation that writing was the way forward, and interned at Plan b, and in New York at Tokion and Parkett thanks to funds from mind-numbing job at large financial corporation. Back in Brighton quit mind-numbing job, returned to my first love of fashion and started freelancing for Shiny Media.

How would you define your personal style?
Charity shops, I go for quirky, handmade, or just plain old to stand out from the crowd. But I can usually be found in a t-shirt and jeans on a Monday trying to prolong the cosy weekend feeling. I also love fancy dress, old ladies, looking French and I’m obsessed with brogues. Check out the fembrogweblog my rarely updated site devoted to the wondrous shoes.
Where do you shop?
I rarely stray from charity shops, car boot sales, and markets; I also accept donations! I do make the odd trip to H&M, Primark and Topshop for the occasional essential.
Who are your favourite designers?
I’ve always loved Eley Kishimoto for their inventive prints and Marc Jacobs even though he's a bit of a behemoth now. Prada is always exciting and I’m a big fan of Paul Smith.
Who are your style icons?
I like getting inspiration from street style websites. My favourites are The Sartorialist, Hel Looks, newcomer Street Peeper and Vice Dos and Don’ts is always good for a laugh.
What are your pet fashion hates?
Dressing like a fashion clone, what’s the point?
What five items of clothing / accessories couldn’t you live without?
Blusher, brogues, charity shop dress, old-lady cardie, and jeans. Can I add sewing machine to the list?!
What magazines / websites / newspapers do you read?
My favourite magazines are Bust for its feminist angle, New Scientist for a break from fashion, Stool Pigeon for music and Nylon for its refreshing take on fashion. Amelia’s Magazine is gorgeous, but I rarely have enough money to buy it! Gawker, Style Bubble, Guardian Unlimited, and Teenage Unicorn are some of my favourite websites as well as the street style ones mentioned earlier. I also like to leaf through French Vogue at W H Smith in Victoria when I’m waiting for my train.
Share your big style secret with us!
Don’t spend money! It forces you to be more creative and research your wardrobe a lot more, also getting basic sewing skills is a very useful tool.