Due to my extreme loathing of that Umbrella song, I've been avoiding Rihanna of late. But after seeing her handle a broken ankle with miraculous style, I began to wonder if Rihanna is quietly becoming one of the fashion forward pack.

These three outfits definitely say yes to me. The girl's got style and still knows how to retain her youthful edge too. A perfect combination. She looks simply gorgeous in this black empire line dress. Not overdone, but still glamourous enough for a red carpet. The centre picture shows the singer on MTV's TRL in early June. Remember how mad we were going for neon jeans then? She's got it bang on with these eye-popping yellow skinnies.

Finally this gorgeous white dress teamed with short curls is Hollywood Starlet style all over, and simply breathtaking. Finally, here's a young girl who doesn't have to bare all to sell records, and more importantly has style and dresses for herself.

What do you think? Is Rihanna a girl with serious style, or has she made some lucky decisions? Or can't you decide because I've got the Umbrella song stuck in your head?