intimately-beckham.jpgA new ad for the Posh and Beck fragrance, Intimately Beckham Night, just recently hit newsstands, announcing its impending availablity in the US come September 2007. [Just Jared] However, lotsa Posh and Becks fans have noticed something odd about Posh's hair - its dark, and I guess Photoshop isn't the answer.

Apparantly its an older picture from the Posh and Becks monstrous archive of photos of themselves. [Victoriadavidbeckham] That theory doens't make sense to me since I thought her hair was long back then... Ah well. Personally, anyway, I was more taken with the W magazine pictures than this fragrance ad - it doens't look intimate at all. She might be too angular to carry of the sultry night thing.

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