I'm the first to admit that I've taken my eye off the high street denim output over the last few weeks. Sadly, being a late converter to skinny jeans, I apparently got a bit carried away and have been trying to get as much wear out of my numerous pairs as humanely possible as the wide-legged high-waisted pairs start to drift in. But did I really take so little notice that within a fortnight, stonewashed jeans became fashionable again? Or have they been floating around the whole time and I was just trying to block them out?

Topshop have released two pairs this week. The 'Vintage B' jeans on the left are £40, and to be honest I'm starting to find them quite attractive. The 'high waisted skinnies' on the right are the same price, but an altogether trickier prospect.

Do you think stonewashed denim is a fashion disaster? Or are you ready to embrace it again this time around?