georgeatasdastorefront.jpgFirst Topshop and now Asda... is there something in the water right now that's currently forcing some of the high-street's top employees to jump ship? While Sir Philip Green tries to reassure us that things are still hunky-dory over at Topshop following the resignation of former brand director, Karyn Fenn, it seems that Asda are now facing a similar situation. Angela Spindler, an executive director at Asda and global managing director for George, has unexpectedly quit the company it's been said for "family reasons". While some are speculating it could be down to poor company growth in comparison to rivals Primark and Tesco.

"Angela has been thinking about this for a while and has decided she would like to spend more time with her family. We have agreed that she can leave Asda right away," said Asda chief executive Andy Bond.

Having been responsible for signing Coleen McLoughlin onto the label together with her recent announcement of a transactional website for George, can the retailer bounce back from Ms Spindler's sudden departure?