I think most of us don't have enough Samantha Jones in us to pull this flouce tbd 'Shimmer Surplice' top off, but I can't help looking at it. Is it too Jedi Knights to wear around town? (I'd hate to hear "Hey, where's your light saber?")

I quite like the wrap around the waist - it'll hide any stray poochiness in case I had a big lunch or haven't been hitting the gym. The keyhole in the back is quite striking as well. The detail that I have the biggest issue with are the dolman sleeves. (Dolman sleeve, (n.): "A full sleeve that is very wide at the armhole and narrow at the wrist." Answers.com.)

Sure, it exaggerates the already plentiful pleating and is a very cool backdrop for the keyhole, but the effect is a little too wing-like for me. For anyone brave enough to wear this it's US$68.