With the rest of team CQ out of the office, it's been left to me to decide on this week's Hot or Not. Luckily, my girls have been making lists all week ready for the big day. So here's what we're loving and loathing this week...


The Notting Hill Carnival: Thousands of slightly drunk revelers making the most of the long weekend. What's not to love?

'Skip Fashion': Only Isabelle could find a sparkly gold designer jumpsuit in a skip outside her house. And then use it to great effect in our first ever fashion shoot. Stay tuned for those pics!

The Louboutin Manicure: Painting the backs of your nails red, just like the heels of your favourite shoes. How cute?

Headbands, scarves & so on: Turbans were a trend too far, and we're bored of Heidi hair after wearing plaits months ago. We're bring the scarf, band and barrette back. Just stay away from padded velvet numbers unless you're name is Jemima and you live in Chelsea.


The DanceX Final: Officially the worst 'reality' TV talent search ever. Why make these poor dancers sing every week? There might be some good voices within the group, but they weren't picked to blend and that's become really obvious! We'll still be watching the final, though...come on team Bruno!

Muses moaning: Amanda Harlech, we know you have to hang around Karl Lagerfeld every day, but shut up whining, we don't all get free couture just for being fabulous!

Rain in August: We had to say it, didn't we?