Portobello it is not, but if you’re looking for dirt-cheap bargains and a chance to really experience life as a Brummie, the Rag Market it definitely worth a visit. A little bit ramshackle but very, very cheap, It opens its doors on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and sits directly behind the Bullring shopping centre, next to two other markets – the outdoor and the indoor (which is where you’ll find yummy food like fresh seafood, yum!).



The best things to snag at the Rag Market are fabrics, trimmings and haberdashery bits and bobs (though, for some reason, not knitting yarn) and vintage jackets. It’s particularly good for mens stuff; leather jackets, army surplus clothing and 70s retro, but there are some great women’s items too if you dig around, especially hats and costume jewellery.



If you can bear it, the tights stall is great too, selling off unboxed department store hosiery. I got Designers at Debenhams £12 tights for £2 once. Steer clear of the shoes though. I joke that the rag market is where shoes go to die...