Sloanes are undergoing a resurgence according to the Daily Mail, and the tribe of poshos with good breeding has expanded and diversified. The Return Of The Sloane Ranger, a new book by author Peter York divides them into seven categories from ChavSloane to BongoSloane (the nutty ones) and the characteristics of both the old type of Sloane and the new kind are chronicled by the Mail. Modern Sloane fashion retailers like Toast and Boden offer surprisingly nice clothing so I've opted for a more authentic Sloane look but keeping it in monochrome for a modern look. The alice band is, of course necessary as are the quilted ballet pumps. Team with a puffball dress with an all-important Peter Pan collar and you'll be ready to head off to uber-Sloane haunt Annabels. See after the jump for product details.

Black alice band, Glitz4Girlz: £1.99. Black quilted ballet pumps, French Sole: £65. Peter Pan collar dress, Warehouse: £40.