stuartveversleavemulberry.jpgCQ's favourite handbag designer Stuart Vevers is leaving Mulberry... sob! As of next January Vevers will assume his new role as creative director at Lowes replacing Jose Enrique Ona Selfa. The change of jobs also means a change of scenery for the design director who will leave London for Madrid... double sob!

"Stuart fits the profile perfectly of what we wanted. We have been making operational changes at the brand recently. Now we want to emphasize Loewe's strong point - leather goods - with someone who can make desirable handbags," said Pierre-Yves Roussel, chief executive officer at LVMH - owner of Lowes.

A replacement for Vevers is yet to be named but after three years at Mulberry and recently opening a new flagship store on Paris, I ask you - who could ever replace Vevers?