Blame it on Lily Allen but I get the feeling trainers and dresses are about to make a comeback. Forget the chunky Air Max though, it's all about slim '80s styles, think Reebok hi-tops and Converse. Fashion seems to be moving away from girly flowery fussiness and focusing more on shape and silhouette so taking inspiration from an awesome girl I saw on the tube yesterday I've picked a dressy outfit with a casual feel that embodies the new spirit of androgyny. Taking a classic zip up blouson and trainers to dress down Topshop's gold frock give a tough but glitzy feel. Adding the sparkly ring and studded earrings reinforces this and a massive woven bag adds texture. See after the jump for full product details.

Nike Zoom from Office: £59.99. Baguette crystal ring, Oasis: £10. Studded wood hoop earrings, Topshop: £6. Gold prom dress, Topshop: £38. Balenciaga jacket from Browns: reduced to £365. Weave holdall , Oasis: reduced to £25.