Gisele may be the richest, Kate Moss the most stylish but Naomi Campbell is arguably the busiest supermodel for 2007. After escaping the clutches of the law it was revealed she was paid to wear most of her community service outfits for a top fashion magazine, kept a diary of her community service to later be published in W magazine, will be launching her own lingerie line with Christopher Kane and has become the new face of Pinko for their Autumn/Winter advertising shoot. Blimey, how many more strings can a supermodel add to her bow?

How about starring in an advert for Dunkin' Donuts? Yep, in the strangest pairing since a peanut butter and bacon sandwich (have you ever tried it? it tastes uncommonly good) Naomi Campbell stars in an advert for the food company which celebrates the everyday people who make the world go round.

Just to prove how 'inept' celebrities are at completing simple tasks, she attempts to plant a tree whilst wearing a Giambattista Valli dress but breaks the heel off her Prada shoe and throws it, yes throws it, at a window smashing it to pieces.

Now is it just me or is Miss Campbell constantly poking fun at her tendency to throw small items? I'm sure a certain maid won't find it quite as funny when she sees this ad.

[Source: You Tube]