This morning, members of the press gathered together to hear an update on the inquiry in to models healthy following a series of events demanding an investigation in to the state of working conditions that models are subjected too.
Earlier in the week CQ reported that they would be banning all models under the age of sixteen from the catwalk. It was already advised against but the panel has now decided that they should be banned from British fashion events, "given the particular vulnerability of this age group and the risk of the sexual exploitation of children in requiring them to represent adult women".

The main point of interest from the report was that the "size zero" debate, which has been highly disputed in the press, is only a small part of their investigation and there are many other aspects which must be considered such as, use of drugs and backstage environment. Baroness Kingsmill, who is leading the report, explained how shocked she was by stories she heard from models and the treatment they received from their agency. "It may seem like the glamorous apex but we don't see the dark side," she explained and urged for more transparency and a greater understanding of the situation.

The panel has decided that weighing the models would achieve very little. Erin O'Connor, a member of the inquiry panel, felt particularly strongly about this matter. She argued that any such measures would be upsetting and degrading for the models and compromise their dignity. O'Connor also felt strongly about the need for a union for the models so they had somewhere to discuss any issues they may have and also to ensure that certain conditions were met.