AED19957.jpgYou know all those mini-dresses and tunics out there that are just too short to wear alone, that make you think you might have to wear jeans or leggings with to look decent? Well, Misfit would like to take the 'or' out, and hereby abolishes the need to choose between leggings or jeans.

These 'Blackbird' bottoms look like leggings, but they're jeans! The signature deep black colored pair of jeans boasts a shiny, waxed finish and an extremely skin-tight fit (believe it or not, they're only 2% elastic but will cling to your every curve.) The 'Blackbird' nearly looks like leather pants (a la Kate Moss,) and are completely unforgiving.

The vendor's warning, 'half sizes round up!' and an extremely low rise 7'' rise, altogether make for an extremely daring, and kind of scary, skinny fit jean! US$189.

Who thinks they can dig these?