UPDATE: We've just heard that Daisy Lowe is to replace Kate Moss as the face of Agent Provocateur. Lowe claims that Moss stole the job from her last year. The controversial replacement is sure to fuel the ongoing feud between Moss and Pearl Lowe, Daisy's Mother, as she prepares to release a revealing autobiography.

FemaleFirst is reporting that Kate Moss’s £500,000 contract with Agent Provocateur will not be renewed when it expires in August. Kate use to have a close relationship with the company’s owners Serena Rees and Joseph Corre, but things became strained recently. According to Serena a new face has already been chosen to replace Kate. "It's top-secret but she's quite different," she said to the Mail. "She's not sexy in an overt way."

The luxury lingerie brand and Kate have gone through a quite a bit in the last year. There was so much publicity created after Agent Provocateur signed the model to appear in a series of “dream” video clips. When the first clip when live on the Provocateur website, it couldn’t handle the millions of visitors wanting to catch a glimpse of a post rehab Moss that it crashed.


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