Based on four women, set in New York, written by Darren Star and styled by Patricia Field... if this isn't Sex And The City then I'm experiencing some serious de ja vu. The cast of new series Cashmere Mafia, along with Star appeared at the ABC TCA's to answer all the tough questions and the Sugar team were there to capture it all.

"This is a show that examines women from the point of view of women in business and the particular challenges they face as career women. SATC is a comedy about sex.... the shows are looking at women from two different points of view," Star said. Hmm...

Lucy Liu (who presumably plays the new Carrie) said of Field's styling: "Because she also did Sex and the City, which I know that a lot of people will be comparing the two shows, she knows what not to repeat. If anything, she's going to want to start something completely new because that's who she is."

I want to believe that and perhaps with a more career-orientated show (think Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle), we may see less of the Carrie-inspired eccentric trends, e.g. corsages and nameplate necklaces. From what I've seen of the preview below, this could be more 'corporate Carrie'. Take a look below...


Tell us what you think. Will Cashmere Mafia have you tuning in or out?