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While most us Catwalk Queen staff were away enjoying a well deserved weekend off, little did we know that Saturday spelled out yet another bizarre national holiday...Pandemonium Day!!! Described as a day of 'sheer bedlam, and utter chaos', it's the only day of the year that you can embrace the wild, the wacky and utter confusion, something I wish I'd known Saturday afternoon before I'd taken action against my extremely unorganised bedroom. Not to worry, you can still express chaos in many different ways and given that this is a fashion site, it's only natural to do it through clothes.

Behold our own varying patterns, clashing colours and huge banana (not many days of the week you can get away with wearing a large fruit on your clothes is there?) Since we missed celebrating it on July 14th, let's try and make a day this week our own Pandemonium Day for who knows, there could be a pink jumper somewhere in your wardrobe just dying to be paired up with some green plaid pants!

Product details:
1.)Vintage Butterfly Earrings 2.)Charles Anastase heart print shirt, £250 3.)Urban Outfitters Andy Warhol Tote, £40 4.)Topshop skinny flood trousers, £28 5.)Christian Lacroix heels at Zappos. $468.95

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