Giant retailer JC Penny has sealed the deal with premiun denim designer label Chip & Pepper to churn out an affordable line of jeans, just in time for the back to school rush. I'm used to eyeing C&P at Shop Bop and shelling out the normal US$200 for the perfect skinny jean, but the new stuff wont cost more than US$34.99. How much quality will be sacrificed for affordability? Will the initial sales boost and the yummy payout from JC Penny be worth cheapening C&P's premium denim reputation in the end? Doesn't that picture remind you a little bit of The Wizard of Oz? Theres Dorothy (Rachel Bilson) and she's got TWO scurry lions (Chip and Pepper) and somehow they've managed to attend the JC Penny/C&P launch party on June 11th at the Sunset Tower in Los Angeles.

[Source: In Style, Getty]