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All over the USA today, millions of Americans are celebrating a national holiday which brings together communities, raises hope and brings a tear to the eye. That's right, it's National Country Music Day. Were you expecting me to say Independence Day? That's important too but who can ignore a day where you get to celebrate the genius of Dolly Parton among others?

In honour of such festivities I've put together an outfit which may have many shouting "yee haw" as you mosey on down the street. By the way, you may have noticed a distinct lack of gemstones, fringing and shoulder pads in the ensemble - that was intentional. Instead there is a healthy dose of denim, leather and a statement belt buckle to make this attractive to all style mavens. A mullet is optional.

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1. Rootin Tootin earrings at Naughty Secretary Club, $18, 2. Denim button up dress by Lover at Browns Fashion, £195, 3. Fairtrade leather jeas belt at Topshop, £30, 4. Paul Frank guitar coin purse at Fred Flare, $20, 5. Crossover peep toe wedge at Topshop, £40

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