Wide%20leg%20trews.jpg Although the recent review of the size zero model craze has started to make changes, it's not skinny women I'm talking about. It's skinny jeans. Bootcuts are next season's jeans and I am all for it. I never went with the skinny jeans look despite being of the thin variety and I'm rather glad I stuck to my bootcuts and baggy slacks. But what is your new take on A/W legwear?

I love these stripe pants from ASOS (supposedly in the style of Kate Moss). I own a similar pair and though they look great dressed casually (as in the photo) they're really easy to smarten up too. Instead of swamping a figure I'm of the opinion that wide leg trousers only serve to skim the best parts and I've seen hints of wide legs in new season designer collections including Vivienne Westwood. So what's your take? Are you sticking with skinnies tucked in your boots, or is it time to branch out? This pair are £28 from ASOS.

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