anyawholefoods.jpgNo surprises here I'd imagine with the news that the most desired of all the cotton shoppers, Anya Hindmarch's 'I'm not a plastic bag', sold out within just two hours in New York yesterday. According to WWD, neither thunder, lightening or two inches of rain could deter hardcore fans of the tote from queuing up for hours. Shoppers were limited to three bags per person selling for $15 a pop. Similar to scenes in the UK earlier this year, which also sold out within hours, the real message of the bag seemed to go unnoticed as customers collected their totes in plastic Whole Foods bags... tut, tut!

The Bag Lady reports that following the following the sell-out (check out those people wearing flip-flops in the rain!) Hindmarch totes were already selling on eBay for well over $100. Once again... tut, tut!