angelinastjohn.jpgI'd scanned this ad out of Vanity Fair for all your viewing pleasure, but Perez Hilton's was much better! (Like the halo he added?) As announced in March of this year, Angelina continues her modeling/spokesperson stint for St. John this year (filling in for Gisele, who had been their previous spokesmodel) and will be featured in the Fall/Winter 2007 advertisements. She is soon to take a year off work, to devote her time completely to her busy home and family; so get your Angelina fix while you still can.

Her representation of the luxe fashion house has rescued and completely revived consumer and critical interest in their fashions; the house is now worth a hefty US$400 million, whereas before, most folks probably would sooner think of P. Diddy's Sean John line. Angelina looks petulant and graceful in the fitted, cropped jacket, and the classy black/white photography does wonders in highlighting the fascinating contrast trim. I wonder, though: is that a reinforced gardening glove (for dethorned roses, no less) or a single Michael-Jackson-esque leather glove on her right hand (since her left doens't seem to be wearing one?)

Acting, parenting, saving the world, there anything this woman can't do?