We don't usually go in for celebrity oufit bashing outside of Thursday's Frock Horror here at CQ. Firstly, there are places elsewhere that do it much better than us, and secondly, I'm not big on being uneccesarily mean about someone's outfit choice just for the sake of entertainment. But I really couldn't let this one go by without a quick word.


Dear Tyra...

Don't get me wrong, I love you. I really do. I think you make a lot of girls feel very good about themselves, and as a businesswoman you're an inspiration. I love how over dramatic you are on America's Next Top Model all the time. I love that you have curves that you're not ashamed of. I love that The Tyra Banks Show is like your own personal 'Dear Diary', where you get to shout at Naomi Campbell, promote ANTM and whatever other projects you've got going at the time, pose in your swimsuit, get your mom in for a chat, get way too excited about vaseline and tell the world about your favourite bra...

But, Tyra, all of this fabulous OTT-ness is no excuse for you to turn up at the daytime Emmy's dressed in something my grandma would put on top of a toilet roll. I know you like drama, but this is not the way to go. It's like all the dramatic (and often mistaken) Oscar dresses of the past have come together and thrown up in one big nightmarish confection of pleats, gathers and ruching. And it's not even the Oscars, Tyra, it's the daytime Emmy's!

"Less is more" is not a phrase that's in your vocabulary, I know. I love that you're larger than life and I hope you never change. But next time someone tells you you'd look great in a couple of poo-coloured satin duvets, just say no.

All my love,

Gemma. x

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