tomford.jpgTom Ford ladled on the louche charm for a recent interview: "I feel that I am keyed into the female conciousness". The designer explains how lost he felt after his departure from Gucci: "My life at Gucci was like being married, having two kids, and living in a house you've built. Then you come home one day, the door's locked, and your wife is in there fucking someone else." Ford and company CEO Domenico de Sole left Gucci after disagreeing with new PPR bosses over creative control of the Group.

Ford has not returned to womenswear since the split preferring to concentrate on his menswear shop and range of fragrances. "I hesitate to say when I will come back to womenswear, because it's such a big job and you're completely married to it, but I will never retire. I will work until the day I die." He seems fully commited to his menswear store saying he built it for "all the guys I know, all my friends, who can't fucking find anything to wear" and chose a unique startpoint for the store's lavish design "I thought the men's store had to be designed around a vagina"!