On request, today's swimwear choice comes with larger thighs in mind. The unfortunate thing with a bikini is that you'll never truly find one that flatters the thighs because they'll always be on display - that's the nature of the design. However there are some tricks and cuts that'll help you camouflage the bits you're not keen on...

Firstly, avoid the temptation to go for shortie bottoms or anything too low cut. You may think the extra fabric will cover your thighs, but the truth is it'll just draw more attention to them. Instead go for something more traditional and fairly high cut. The black panels on the sides of the 'baby bud' bikini bottoms ($76) from Besey Johnson will draw attention inwards, giving the impression of a slimmer hip. The top ($86) gives a great cleavage, again drawing attention upwards. If you spot a bikini with a printed top and a plain brief, that's a great choice - anything that draws attention up and away from problem areas is going to boost your confidence.

Finally, the swimskirt is your friend! It'll skim curves and hide chunky thighs and wide hips a treat. Avoid the teensy ones that barely cover your bum - again these just widen you at what is probably already your widest point. Pick longer skirts with a bit more flare, like the one above ($70) that co-ordinate with your 'kini. I picked a pricey designer bikini today, but most stores now do mix and match sets with plain coloured skirts which are great if you're conscious of your legs.

If you're not keen on swim skirts, try a sarong. Wrap it around your waist, tying it in a loose knot at the front centre, letting the knot drop down in a 'V' at the front. This will lengthen your top half, making your waist look defined and your stomach slimmer, and it will also draw attention away from your legs.Genius! Don't knot a sarong on the side on your hip if you're pear shaped - it'll just widen your body even more.