We try not to succumb to the daily craziness of celeb life (that is, unless it revolves around their style) we have our celebrity blog Star Trip for that. However, I couldn't help but post these images of Paris Hilton leaving LA's Lynwood prison overnight described by some as her "walking the catwalk" a free woman. The media scrum that surrounded the socialite as she strutted her stuff out of jail is a sight to be behold. Despite reports that she had dropped a dramatic amount of weight in prison, Hilton seemed to look just fine wearing a pair of skinny blue jeans, cropped jacket, white vest and heels. Also, didn't we predict that Heidi plaits would make a return?

Check out the news video of Paris leaving prison after the jump...

This live news footage from Fox News of Paris Hilton leaving prison overnight gives an insight into the media circus surrounding high-profile celebs. I couldn't help but laugh as the news reporter banged on about Paris' "model-like" walk as she exited jail. "Is this the Paris Hilton who wants to be on life's catwalk?" he says. Priceless!

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