Roberto Cavalli has quite a pairing of His and Her’s fall 2007 advertising images, starring the controversial couple of the moment (well last few years), Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. While Kate is rather experienced in front of the Cavalli camera, this was Pete’s first high end fashion advertising campaign, though the pair are not photographed together. Nonetheless, Cavalli thought he was a perfect choice. "Kate Moss and Pete Doherty perfectly embody everything that's contemporary and they're poetic, creative and wild," said Cavalli. "They go against mainstream and have an innate and fantastic sense of style." The shots intend to highlight Doherty's slightly ambiguous spell and his status of contemporary icon, he added.

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"For his extreme lifestyle, at first Pete seems like a very bad role model, but his debauchery does not interest me at all," added Cavalli. Gosh, if only the people behind the upcoming launch of Kate’s fragrance though the same about Pete.

What do you think of the images? Does it make you wish your man wore Cavalli?

[Images from WWD]