After the whole drama that was Stella McCartney for Target Australia, it came as no surprise that the people at Target toned down their publicity efforts for their Josh Goot collaboration which went on sale today. There was no giant queue’s outside of stores, instead a handful of girls lined up outside a inner city Sydney store. According to Kate who left a comment on SASSYBELLA.com updating them on the events of the day, the clothes were a bit of a let down. “I was a bit disappointed with the Josh Goot stuff. Everything was too long!” Kate said. “I am 5’10” and I am complaining that it was too long, so I can only imagine how those 5′6″ would have fared. The models in the promo pictures must have been TALL.”

Though the sizes were (again) a bit funny, the girls who were photographed shopping at Target (above) did manage to grab more than one metallic silver trench, the it item of the collection. I wonder if they will end up on eBay...

Did any other CatwalkQueen readers get to Josh Goot for Target today?

I had planned to pop down, but with the horrible rainy weather hanging about, I just didn't want to leave the office!

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